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Hey guys! We are a team of two, Anubhav Kashyap (@anubhav-kashyap), a 14 year old game developer and the programmer and 3d artist of this project, and Riley (aka Horsey Games, @porcus-pie), a 17 year old game developer who acted as the music producer in this project. The programming took a lot of effort, since there was trouble with Unity and it wasn’t working properly. Our one day’s progress even got deleted. But we somehow managed to finish the game (with many features lacking), and here it is.

Screenshot (43).png

Screenshot (42).png

You play as the main character (obviously expressionless laughing laughing) and have to survive through this bullet hell + hack ‘n’ slash + platformer game. Also, this game combines 2 other genres too, Fantasy (character & environment) and Sci-Fi (turrets).

Just check out the last level, and please do tell us if you manage to survive (send a screenshot too). Alright then, see you later! We hope that you have fun playing our game. v

All the assets have been created by us in the 72 hours of the competition.

Link to LDJam submission:


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Install instructions

Just extract the zip archive and enjoy!


Rapid Fire.zip 24 MB

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