A downloadable game for Windows

Hello everybody!

My name is Anubhav Kashyap and I am a thirteen year old game developer.

My game is a small survival game created for the Ludum Dare Game Jam 38. 

THEME: A Small World


How to Play:

     You are a sailor stranded on a strange island. You have got only an axe with you. Use it to cut wood and build anything you want. But remember, you need food to survive. Look for the small bushes which grow in the forest. They are your only means of food.


     Survive for five days.


     LMB: Place objects, cut trees.
     RMB: Delete objects.
     LMB and Drag: Drag objects.
     R: Point the cursor over an object and press R to rotate it.
     There are 2 sliders to the bottom left.
     The first one is for Health and the second one is for Hunger.
     The hunger bar increases when we are hungry.

Resources Required:

     Wooden Wall: 50 wood
     Wooden Floor: 50 wood
     Campfire: 20 wood
     Crate: 20 wood

It's not much of a game, but I think the building system is quite fun.

And most important of all, remember that the game is bound to have a few glitches. I didn't have time to make the UI properly. After all, it was made in 2 days (because I wasted the first day). 


Link to LDJam submission:


Don’t know what LDJam is? For more info-



Survival Game.zip 23 MB